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Remarks by the Be’er Mordechay Rosh Yeshiva

Harav HaGaon Rav Mordechay Benedict, SHLITA

Yeshivat Be’er Mordechay is a “Yeshiva Ketana”, which is intended to provide a complete response to the Lithuanian-Prushim stream, students of the Brisk tradition, and people from the “Old Yishuv”, who live in Beit Shemesh, and who want to educate their children in Yiddish about the wellsprings of holy purity, in a conservative religious atmosphere, in our dedicated way, and which has no connection or financial support from the government establishment. The unique atmosphere at the Yeshiva makes it a wonderful melting pot and greenhouse for forging young men in their prime years, who spend their adolescence in this elite place of Torah with the objective of growing and blossoming into a tree of maturity.

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Yeshiva B’H is rising and flourishing and we at SD are witnessing eye to eye on the spiritual growth of dozens of youthful flowers.
Those who sit and meditate in the Holy Torah for hours on end uninterrupted in the way given to us from generation to generation

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We lovingly call all those who desire the establishment and spiritual growth of the city of Beit Shemesh, and to all those for whom the world of Torah is important, to make a donation for the maintenance of this holy and exalted institution and to take part in this illustrious and lofty academy.