About the yeshiva staff

The yeshiva staff is one of the editors of the educators, doing everything to nurture, uplift, encourage, be a supportive shoulder, a hugging hand and an attentive ear to every student.
In “Beer Mordechai”, the Gam ‘article “Everyone who teaches his friend Torah as if he were a child” (Sanhedrin 19) receives a really powerful and tangible expression.
The love that the yeshiva staff pours over the students is boundless. It is not just a matter of study, but of any matter and interest whatsoever.
If any of the students have something that bothers his heart and disturbs his peace, he knows very well that he has the address where to turn.
Everyone knows that the heads of the yeshiva, the Mashgiachim, and the staff of the Shiurim of the Shiurim are constantly demanding his good and will do everything to raise him up and up the track that ascends Beit K-L.

Rabbi R. Mordechai Benedict Shlita

Rabbi R. Zvi Finkel shlita

Rabbi R. Ephraim Halperin Shlita

Rabbi R. Welwell Gruner Shlita

Rabbi R. Elimelech Strashevsky Shlita

Rabbi Yoel Torchin shlita

Rabbi R. Shlomo Steinharter Shlita

Rabbi R. Reuven Levy Shlita